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When Disaster Claims Your Data,

You Don't Need Excuses... You Need a Hero.

Disaster Recovery. Day or Night.

KeepItSafe DR provides an all-in-one online backup and IT disaster recovery solution that will restore your business servers day or night and get your business up and running again in as little as a few minutes. Our next-gen solution for business continuity, backup, and recovery will fully protect your physical, virtual, and cloud resources. Along with seamless integration with Microsoft applications for complete disaster data protection, KeepItSafe DR also includes global deduplication that makes backups extremely efficient while lowering storage costs.

How KeepItSafe DR Protects Your Data

The world’s most robust backup and business continuity solution for protecting Microsoft Windows Servers, VMware vSphere, and ESX(i) servers

Flexible disaster recovery options: bare-metal restore and failover virtual machines

Consistency checks on all applications to ensure recoverability

Cost-effective, remote-office protection

Block-level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture

Integrated data deduplication

Failover server rewind: rolling back to any point in time to recover the entire server

A Fully Managed and Monitored Solution

To ensure complete data safety, KeepItSafe DR’s industry-leading technology is fully managed and monitored by KeepItSafe’s team of engineers, from installation through management and recovery. This includes:

  • KeepItSafe engineers appointed to your customer IT team
  • Timely, personal alerting of anomalous events
  • Proactive monitoring of your backups 24/7
  • Proactive intervention to avert/restore data loss
  • "Valet" software installations

Watch How KeepItSafe® DR Protects Your Data

At a Glance

What Our Customers Say About Recovering from a Data Disaster

"If we hadn’t set our customer up with KeepItSafe, when Hurricane Sandy struck, he would’ve been out of business and probably sued. But we got him back fully up and running – a total success."

Blaise Castellano, President – Command Com, Inc.
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DDR Facts

  • 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years. (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • 86% of companies have experienced one or more instances of system downtime in the past 12 months. (Acronis)
  • 53% of data-loss victims never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster. (Aveco)
  • 50% of businesses without data management filed for bankruptcy within a year of the disaster. (National Archives & Records Administration)
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