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Criteria for Success

When Criteria For Success Found Their Server Sitting in a Pool of Water the Knew They Needed a Better Way to Secure Their Data

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The Challenge

Criteria for Success, Inc. is a sales improvement consultancy in New York City. Founder and CEO Charles Bernard started the company in 2004 with the goal of identifying the systems and behaviors that would enable all the sales people in an organization to be as effective as the top producer.

For the first three years they were in business, Criteria for Success had no formal backup system. “We had a Toshiba 250 gigabyte drive that we physically attached to the server,” Bernard remembers. “It was one person’s responsibility to manually back it up. On the weekends I would disconnect the drive and bring it home in my briefcase.”

Bernard says he knew they needed a better system but admits no one in his firm made data backup a priority. Then one very cold night a pipe burst in the ceiling of their offices. “We found the server sitting in a pool of water the next morning. We immediately powered it down and I was terrified we wouldn’t be able to get it back up,” he says. “It was a miracle it was still working. At that moment we realized that what we thought was being backed up manually wasn’t always being backed up at all.”

The Solution

Through other professional service business owners, Bernard knew of KeepItSafe’s reputation. He immediately made an appointment with KeepItSafe. “We were backed up the day we met with them,” he says.

Bernard has a technical background and knew he didn’t want a solution that involved backing up to tape and bringing the tapes offsite. “We are a small company with no dedicated IT staff,” he says. “We wanted a data backup and recovery solution that would require virtually no intervention on our part.”

Criteria for Success has a hybrid environment so they run some of their applications in the cloud and use KeepItSafe for the company’s internal systems and office-based programmes. KeepItSafe ensures all the firm’s project management documents, Human Resources data, presentations and legal contracts with their clients are all safely backed up and can easily be recovered.

Bernard was instantly impressed with KeepItSafe’s customer service, training and the system’s ease-of-use. The Criteria for Success staff appreciated that if they had a question they were able to get someone from KeepItSafe technical support on the phone right away. “I also thought KeepItSafe’s cost was fair knowing they are protecting my business, especially when we learned that they offer reduced prices for data that changes infrequently,” he says.

The Results

Fortunately, no other pipes have burst since 2007 when KeepItSafe began backing up Criteria for Success, but Bernard says they have had situations where an employee accidentally deleted a folder. He reports that since KeepItSafe’s service is so easy to use, his staff has been able to do most of the restores themselves.

“In one case we lost our financial folder with all our monthly reporting and KPIs,” he says. “Once we discovered the folder was deleted we were able to get it back right away,” he says. “We didn’t even have to call anybody at KeepItSafe because the service is so user friendly. That’s all the proof I needed. Something bad happened and we were able to get out of it pretty fast.”

Bernard says that even though KeepItSafe has grown tremendously since Criteria for Success first signed with them, he feels that the hosted backup firm still has a small company, entrepreneurial, easy-to-do-business-with atmosphere. “Not only is the whole KeepItSafe team extremely competent but they are very likeable,” he says. “And I prefer to do business with people I like.”

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